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Why Choose The Upside Geeks?

We Truly care about each and every one of our partners, and never allow any one of them to become just a number in our system or a ticket we need to respond to. We wholeheartedly understand how integral our role is to the succecss of your coaches and teammates that guide you through the playing field that is online marketing and advertising. 


Why Choose The Upside Geeks?

Great, effective, fundamentally sound marketing and advertising is just what we’ve been doing all of our lives. We do it because we want to change what it means to be an agency. Our goal is to create a trusted, respected and truly results-driven marketing and advertising industry by flipping the tables and exposing the jokers, fakers and straight up clowns in our industry. We are dream chasers, but we are also dream protectors at the same time. Our belief is that by creating a more trustworthy, honest marketplace, the world will be a much better place since great dreams won’t go to die at the hands of incompetent marketers anymore.

We Walk The Walk, Our Customers Talk The Talk.

We consistently put results on the table for our partners and they love talking about it. Here are just some of the shout-outs we’ve received from our partners.


The Upside Geeks has done a fantastic job of taking over my social media advertising. They dramatically lowered my customer acquisition costs and I'm sitting at a 5x ROI. I've since asked them to work on my email campaign to help me get a better handle on that as well.

I highly recommend using John and his wonderful team.

Chris Carlino

Co-Founder at American Grappling Federation

I have never had a better experience with a freelancer than I did with John Kane. Over the course of one week, he created the most professional and polished website I could have ever dreamed of and he is the best communicator I have ever worked with.

John makes your business his own and anticipates your needs and confusions, making a very potentially frustrating process easy and almost fun. I want to work with him for as long as I can and I would never go to any other professional in this space.

He's now running my Facebook ad campaigns and I can finally RELAX a little bit knowing that I have someone in my corner who cares about my success. I can't speak highly enough of John and I didn't know that people like John existed until I got to experience his work. If he is saying he can help you, DO NOT pass up on the opportunity. You may never get it again.”


Co-Founder at Teach Different

John is the real deal. He is an elite FB marketing talent. He delivers. He improved all of our metrics, customer acquisition cost, cost per lead, ROAS, etc. He is very easy to work with. Communicated what he was doing with the account and spend, what he needed from us, etc.

We will be working with him again. I highly recommend John.


Founder at Tele-Psychiatry Company

Working with this freelancer has been the best experience I've ever had on Upwork, or on any other platform. He is a jack of all trades. That means he will tackle every single aspect of your business until it's converting like crazy. He knows Facebook ads he knows copywriting he knows web design. There is nothing he doesn't know.

He truly cares. He enlists the help of other people when necessary. He does amazing things and then he doesn't charge for them. He's big on "bonuses". He's an internet marketing wizard of the highest order and I bless the day I found him. Please don't hire him as I want him to myself. In short, if you need just one guy to take you from a business standing still to a business that's generating thousands of dollars a day....this is the guy. Thank you so much John!


Founder at Seven Minute Secret

John executed exactly what we wanted! We greatly appreciate his knowledge of testing lists and offers and his ability to do that efficiently. We will hire him again!


Managing Editor at Christian Holding Company

John was very knowledgeable and helped us get our website conversion rate up significantly. His overall work helped us get our company going from scratch to a good place.

Would highly recommend him and will work with him again in the future.


Co-Founder at Vegan Condom Company

John knows Digital Marketing inside and out. We hired him to run a complete Ecommerce audit and he went above and beyond. While we were skeptical of what he might find, he produced a well thought out insightful analysis and actually had an action plan on how to remedy problems (From the Website, to Email Marketing to FB Ads).

Great to have found somebody to have in our corner and keep our business running efficiently and growing!


Co-Founder at Face Cover Company

John is great! Not only does he get the work done quickly, he has a lot of knowledge that he is willing to share so that my company can continue to improve and utilize the best tools and strategies for marketing and growth.


Founder at Financial Projection SaaS Company

Working with John has been incredible. He fully understood our business within a short time frame and put together an amazing marketing and execution plan.

We're currently 3 contracts deep with multiple positive remarks about the changes we've been making.

We'll be continuing with John for the foreseeable future and have been extremely satisfied.


Managing Partner at Tech Consulting Company

Born out of necessity. Built for business owners tired of the typical agency. We never stop getting better for our clients. We love this game.